Residential Gate Access Portal Instructions

The Resident Gate Access portal is dedicated to monitoring and providing entry to your authorized visitors.


1.  Access -

Use Internet Explorer address bar and enter .
The website works best with Internet Explorer. You may experience problems using other browsers.

2. Enter unit Primary Phone number.

- You do not have to put dashes between numbers.

3. Enter your 5 digit Pin.

       - Your Pin number may be obtained from the Town Center Office at .

4. Log In.
      -Please verify your Primary Email address on the Residential Website Registration page.

This is important to use the gate features and to retrieve your pin if you forget. You will not receive any advertisements and your address will not be sold or forwarded to any person or entity. The Resident Website email distribution list is managed onsite at the IslandWalk Town Center Office.

      - Please provide a security question. You can choose the question from the drop down box.

      - Click Submit. You will be redirected back to the log in page. Retype the phone number and pin to log in.

5. Announcements Tab
- Guest Activity Link - This is information entered from the gates about guests that have arrived. They
         may or may not be on your expected guest list since they may have been called into the Voicemail
         System. Column one (Date) indicates the date and time they arrived. If they were denied access, it will appear also.

-Announcements-this page allows you to review the guest date and time entry log for your address
           and highlights some of the features.
6. Contact Info Tab

- Contact Info - Has contact Information and a Flag Message used by the Gatehouse. This can be
   managed through the Town Center Office.
   Your Primary Phone number can be managed on this page. This page also provides a links to change
   your registration information and add/change guest arrival alerts.

7. Vehicle Tab

      -Vehicles – Includes vehicles, license plates, and access control devices associated with your address.
        These are managed through the Town Center Office.

8. Guests Tab

  1. This is your guest entry page. The most important fields are last name, first name, relationship, start date, expiration date and email address ( if you would like to email them a pass for fast entry)
  2. You can manually type the date or use the calendar.
  3. If they are your permanent guests, or a guest you wish to have unlimited access to your home, enter 12/31/9999 in the expiration date box or check the 'Make Guest Permanent' checkbox

9. Parties/Events Tab

If you are having a party, you can list all names in this section, and once submitted, they will default into your guest list. You may cut and paste them from another location such as a word document.


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